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Try the Impossible

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Art-Decko-Cover.pngThe wait is over ... now Simon has collected his latest creations, showcasing his unique brand of impossible card magic in a fifth giant book.  Art Decko is a large (8 ½ x 11) hardbound volume, full-color dust cover, black binding with silver lettering (matching Simon’s previous four large books), containing over 325 pages ... and only $50.00.  Now available for immediate shipping (and we pay domestic postage).


Order NOW from Simon — and receive a set of specially printed Four Gaffed Cards (a $10 value) absolutely free with your book.


“Simon Aronson is one of my favorite thinkers in magic, and his legendary reputation is entirely deserved.  Simon is an “engineer” of miracles, crafting each effect with painstaking detail.  His standards are exacting, and he commits an extraordinary amount of thought to every idea he publishes and performs.  Simon puts this same effort into his writing, which is why his books are so revered (and why it has taken him 13 years to finish Art Decko).  Art Decko delivers the same high quality we’re used to.  I am extremely excited about this new collection.”  -- Joshua Jay


New-Book-page-image.pngArt Decko is Simon’s largest book ever...with eight sections that run the gamut of card magic:   On the Spotimpromptu effects with an ordinary, shuffled deck • Two-Faced – some of Simon’s most deceptive magic, with just one or two gaffs •  Totals – an in-depth study of a great new plot •  Birthdays – a new exploration of the birthday datebook theme;  No-Stack Datebook allows anyone to perform this incredible plot, without any need to learn a stack    Techniques – new and subtle techniques that are highly deceptive, but easy to do •  Memorized Decks – effects both stack independent and tailored to the Aronson stack •  Eccentrics – a grab bag of effects •  Predictions – the most detailed, theoretical study of predictions you’ve ever read; includes Two by Two (the ultimate ACAAN – two freely chosen playing cards are discovered at two freely chosen numbers).


And SO MUCH MORE...theory essays covering everything from surprise to disillusionment; comment sections that deeply explore variations, alternative routines, and tradeoffs for the professional to weigh.  If you want to see how Simon thinks, this book will offer many hours of thought-provoking ideas—all written in Simon’s lucid, detailed, and thorough style.